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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:16 pm

1.If looking for Help for Dungeon or Quest's PLEASE ask some one within the guild but try and ask a level at you level or as the higher levels they will all help you if not busy so that you feel involded in the Guild.

2.Please keep Swearing and Abuse out of the guild but a sernt amount of Swearing will be alound if you recive Abuse from a player in are guild please contact a Guild Elder or Guild owner frew in Game.

3.If you have any Surggestions of how to inprove the Guild Please send HeadShark a mail in Game with the Information that u would like to give about the Guild also you can leave this Information in the Guild Forum in the Inprovment Box.

4.If you are given Permsion toinvite people in to the Guild Please make sure that they are atleast level 20+ and that they can write in English good engouh so we can Understand them also ask if they have got a mic.

5.If given details for Ventrilo please keep swearing to a minium and also do not give out details to others we have not asked to comme on.

Thank you this rules might be updated so keep a eye on this page in case they get changed.
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Guild Rules
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